Revolution digital advertising solutions for live events, including sports, concerts, and online broadcasts

We are PTF Lab. We specialize in providing revolutionary solutions for real-time digital advertising during live events

About us
  • Integration into any sports discipline is not a problem, as we trained the model on the most complex sport possible - MMA!
  • Natural and authentic replacement. We trained our AI on tens of thousands of hours of video and 3D simulations.
  • No servers or computing power. All calculations are cloud based.
  • No cameras or special equipment required - our AI is capable of making replacements based on a simple video signal.
Product features:
We accepted this challenge and trained our own AI. Now it is capable of dealing with overlapping views, complex shadows and impossible angles. Without any additional hardware and equipment!
Replacing logos during, say, football game, is easy, since the camera is relatively static and predictable. But what about boxing or MMA? The fighters and the cameramen are constantly moving, view is blocked by ropes.
By seamlessly replacing logos during live events and delivering ads perfectly attuned to the local context and mindset. Cool? Not enough!

We are bringing revolution to live sports
advertising. Wondering how?

Welcome to PTF Lab!

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